Saturday, February 9, 2013

The best laid plans....

Sometimes just don't happen. When we went to bed last night my intent for today was to wake up, make a nice pancake breakfast for the boys, and then bundle all 3 children up and walk to the library. I pictured our afternoon consisting of playing in the glorious snow and then warming up with some hot cocoa and popcorn.

Instead I was woken while it was still dark by hot little hands and the soft weak voice that can only belong to that of a sick child.

So instead I made a cozy nest on the sofa for the sick middle child and a tray of oatmeal.

We are spending a quiet day inside, reading stories, resting, and reminding Erik to keep drinking fluids.

I'm lucky to have such a big helper in Ivan who has been on baby duty between feedings and diaper changes so I can tend to Erik. He even managed to put Magnus to sleep!

Once daddy is home I'll make a chicken soup. The snow will have to wait to be played in, but that's okay. Sometimes a day of rest is what everyone needs.

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