Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sew ready!

I just ordered a bunch of cotton jersey and cotton thermal to make myself some nursing tops and dresses.

I'm much more comfortable with knitting than with sewing, but I'm appalled at the cost of nursing tops and even though I can nurse in normal clothes I just find it more comfortable to have shirts with built in nursing access.

I'm going to use the Jalie 3132 pattern , and modify the tunic pattern into a just above the knee dress.

I'm crossing my fingers it will come out!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog last week, Eryn! Looking forward to seeing how the nursing gear turns out. Lovely milo (and baby!) by the way :)

  2. Could I give you a suggestion for nursing tops that I WISH WISH WISH I had known about with my first two - and only figured out with my third?!?!

    Lots of companies make camisole tops to wear under your clothes... I discovered that Jockey makes a great top that has spaghetti straps and is VERY stretchy around the neck. You can wear one of these under anything and turn any top into a nursing top... just tuck the camisole into your pants or skirt (ok, so this won't work so well with a dress), and when you want to nurse, pull up your shirt, pull down your tank and you won't expose any mid-drift. I've found that I can nurse extremely discreetly and comfortably this way.