Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet Moments

We are celebrating our small Thanksgiving together today since Daddy had to work on Thursday. I just put the turkey in the oven after we finished our pancake breakfast, it already smells divine!

Early this morning as the first morning light started to trickle through the trees I was greeted by a little boy asking if he could snuggle.

This sweet little six year old, he brings me so much joy! My youngest child who in a few short weeks will become my middle child. He is so excited to meet his little brother, he kisses my belly good morning and good night each day and loves to talk to the baby. At the same time though I can tell he knows life is about to change, his role in this family will change. He will go from littlest brother to being somebody's big brother. I think he knows that snuggle time will be different. He knows that he will have to share me with this new baby, that the baby will have needs only I can meet. This boy is so loving and easy going, he rolls so easily with what life throws his way, I hope this transition is just as smooth for him. He is going to be a wonderful big brother!

As I get ready to make cranberry orange relish he is with his big brother and daddy finding the Christmas lights and getting ready to put up the tree. My heart is full, and later on today our stomachs will be too. A perfect Thanksgiving, two days late.

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