Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny today on the yarn along .

Today I'm test knitting a pattern for Liz of The Sitting Tree , . I'm really excited about this pattern, it looks like it will be the perfect Spring/Summer hat for little Magnus. It took me a little while to figure out the provisional cast on, I kept doubting myself and thinking it looked wrong when I really was doing it correctly the entire time. Ravelry notes:

My wonderful husband ordered me a new book to read this week!  .We feel that we are about 1.5-2 years away from being in a position to purchase our first home, which no matter how much space it ends up having it will promptly be turned into our homestead. I figured while I'm dreaming of our future homestead I might as well educate myself on the actual creation and running of it. So far I am incredibly impressed with this book. It is full of charts, sketches, and tons of information.


  1. Popped over from Yarn Along. I've never tried the provisional cast-on (don't know how to crochet), but I keep seeing it mentioned, so perhaps one day I'll sit down and learn! Good luck to you in your homesteading venture, hopefully the waiting time will fly by for you ;) Wendy

  2. I bought this book a few years ago and i'm thinking it's time to break it out again, Happy knitting.

  3. That is a great book!! I've borrowed it from the library and have daydreamed of what kind of homestead we might be able to have....but it is quite far off for us as well!

    Congratulations on your move! We too are in the midst of a big transition -- so I am sending peace and calm to you as you make your way west!