Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo's of September

With our impending move I've been neglecting this little baby of a blog. Each day I keep thinking I ought to write something, anything....but then the exhaustion of all that is happening takes over and I let another day slip by.

So with only a few accompanying words here is my photo description of this September (and first few days of October).

25 1/2 weeks along! Loving that sweater and scarf weather is back.

The kite in the park series:

It is also soup and stew season! Last nights dinner in the making....

Sweater on the needles for this new little life inside me.

Yesterday my car was picked up and shipped off to Milwaukee, it was exciting and sad and made the reality of this move stare me in the face. We leave in less than a week and will get the keys to our new townhouse on the 15th.

And that dear readers is what I leave you with for today. I plan to document our 1,000 mile road trip with many photos and share them as I am able. Stay along for the ride! 

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