Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On and on the crafting goes.

As of tonight I will be officially done with my holiday knitting that is being mailed out to family back east. Which leaves me with a sweater sleeve to finish for Ivan, a couple small items for the man of the house, a mitten for Erik, and then if I have time I'd like to make some baby booties and a hat.

Next year I will start earlier ( I say this every year, but every year I do start a little earlier than last so it must be working).

I am so excited though that all my projects for loved ones have come out better than I expected. This season I have learned how to cable, do short rows, and have gotten much more proficient with double pointed needles.

I wish I could share pictures in this space but since family reads it I will have to wait until after Christmas. I can however share the coming home outfit I finished for baby.

It is a soft and snuggly blend of wool, linen, and silk. I have enough leftover to make some matching booties and a hat to complete the outfit. I can't wait to put a squishy baby inside this outfit! 4 weeks and counting.


  1. Hi Eryn,
    Found you from a comment you left on my blog about 35 weeks. Thanks for reading. Congratulations on the new baby boy. My two older are exactly the same age as yours. 9 and almost 7. How weird is that. I read through your blog and totally agree with the post you wrote about people wondering if you really wanted a girl. I feel so blessed just to be having a healthy baby and boys are so wonderful. Hope things are going well with your new addition. Take care

    1. Thank you Rosemarie! I've enjoyed reading along on your blog as well, it's nice to see another mom with "older" kids embarking on babyhood again.